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Star Learner Awards for showing reflectiveness in their learning

Reflectiveness is one of our four learning powers. The others are resourcefulness, reciprocity and resilience.

Weldmar Fundraising Week

Miss Chetland’s letter to all involved.

And it’s not too late for anyone else to join in. Just let her know …

Curriculum Plans

Updated every half term, our curriculum plans for each class are available for you to see.

Please follow the Our Curriculum menu and then Our curriculum for each year group.

Latest update: Spring 2019 (First half term)

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Southill’s Funniest Joke

We laughed our socks off in a special Comic Relief assembly this afternoon trying to find Southill’s funniest joke. There was a myriad of entries from all age groups and it was tough to decide a winner. The results are as follows:

3rd place: Why did the sheep cross the road? He was going to the baa-baas.

2nd place: What does a vampire get after having a drink? A fangover.

In 1st place – Southill’s funniest joke: Why did the boy take a car to school? To drive his teacher up the wall!!

Well done to everyone who took to the stage to try and make us all laugh. It was a brilliant afternoon.

Spring Newsletter week 7 – 28/02/19 (sent out on School Ping only).

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Southill is a school which aims to provide every child with the best possible education in a happy and safe environment, developing skills to succeed and participate in a global community.

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