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Designers of the future!

Year 4 have begun an exciting new Design and Technology project using moving parts in storybooks.  Today they explored existing products and investigated how books can have moving parts.  They learnt the terms pivot, slider, hinge, flaps, and spinner. Year 4 then had a go at making some of their own pop-ups and hinged flaps.  more »

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Deck the Tree with Super Snowmen!

Deck the Tree with Super Snowmen This week, the children have been getting into the Christmas spirit by creating something to go on the tree for the Christmas Fayre. We decided to use ribbons, socks and, of course, some googly eyes in order to create some super snowmen! The children have all put their snowman more »

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Shouse Traps

Shouse Traps The elusive shouse (mouse and sheep hybrid) has been eating our cheese again so we have used our knowledge of gears, pulleys and levers to create some shouse traps. We learnt about Rube Goldberg and how he created elaborate devices using many steps to complete a simple task so we tried to make more »

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Owl Experts in Reception!

We’re having a great time in Reception this week. We are learning all about owls and other nocturnal animals and the children are currently writing fact books to show off all that they know about these feathery friends. We have also been creating collages of our favourite type of owl. Some children have made pictures more »

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Wonderful Word Choices

The Autochef (Verson Two)  In today’s literacy lesson, the children were set the task of labelling ‘The Autochef V2’ after the first contraption went slightly wrong. Wallace and Gromit were after a detailed labelled diagram in order to ensure that nothing could possibly go wrong with this invention! We discussed plenty of word choices that more »

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Southill Beat Chickerell in a Nail-Biting Football Match

Southill Beat Chickerell in a Nail-Biting Football Match After school today, Southill Girls’ Football Club faced Chickerell Primary School in a 9-aside football match. The children had played the week before against Bincombe and were desperate to get back on the pitch in order to achieve another good result. The match started off brilliantly! Inside more »

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