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Year 6 Maths No Problem

In maths yesterday we were ‘Finding the Volume of Cubes and Cuboids’ which was ideal for using all of our BLP (Building Learning Power) skills.  The children’s ‘In Focus’ task was ‘Using straws, make a cube whose inside has a volume of 1-metre cubed. Estimate the volume of your classroom in cubic metres’. In groups of 4, more »

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book rview 001

Y5 Book reviews

We’re all really enjoying listening to the book reviews on Tuesdays. This morning we had two reviews – one classic Jacqueline Wilson and a brand new book – Wizards of Once Twice Magic (which I only bought for the class last week!) The children impress me every week with the effort they put into creating more »

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viking war cry

Viking War Cries

Viking War Cries Goodness me Year Three are having fun learning all about the Vikings. We have learnt that: -the Vikings first raided Britain in 793 AD -they travelled from their Scandinavian homelands (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) on longships -most Vikings even used their shields as weapons -they raided monasteries first as this is where most more »

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vocab ninja 009

Writing Ninjas in Y5

In Year 5 this week we have been thinking about words. When writing our legends we needed to create a picture in our reader’s mind so it was important to choose exactly the right word to create the mood or set the scene or describe the character. Boring words are no good for us! We more »

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