Art Week in Year Three

Art Week in Year Three

We have soooooooo much to share with you all about our awesome adventures during Art Week. First of all, we learnt all about Mr. Pablo Picasso. Looking at his unusual style, it was crazy just how much it had developed and changed over time. We then created self-portraits in his infamous Cubism style and wrote simile poems to describe ourselves. Below are some finished pieces of art (which were displayed in our Art Gallery).

The learning doesn’t stop there as we then looked at an American photographer/artist called Devin Mitchell. He isn’t very well-known, however he has done lots of work on animal welfare. He wanted to raise awareness of animal cruelty and poor living conditions in zoos by turning human faces into animals. Year Three were then set the challenge of turning a human face into an animals of their choosing. The children were then required to write a shape poem around the outside of their animal pictures. We were blown away with the creativity and attention to detail on some of the finished pieces. You don’t believe me? Take a look below!

Room for more art work? You bet! We then drew inspiration from a poem called ‘The Sunset by Kristin Martin. Her poem used personification to really paint a picture about all the colours you would see in a sunset. To bring this picture to life, the children then created art work based on the poem. They used paint and oil pastels in order to create a beautiful background. Using black card, they then created a silhouetted foreground which really stood out. See for yourselves…

We have been very luck to also have Mrs Lester and Mrs Ellis come in to focus on other art skills, such as tie-dying and printing. The children are in the process of creating a rainbow tea-towel to go alongside an Acrostic poem they’ve written. The block printing was used to create cool backgrounds for their animal art work.

A huge thank you to Mrs Lester and Mrs Ellis for giving up your time to make Year Three’s Art Week so memorable.


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  1. Vicki Potts 12 July 2019 at 15:54pm #

    Amazing art work by all, so much talent in Year 3 🙂

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