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Southill Primary School is working with national charity Sustrans to encourage as many children to cycle and scooter to school as possible. As the days get shorter, it is important to make sure children are aware of being visible when they are out and about.


With this in mind we are organising a ‘Be Bright’ day on Thursday 5th November, when we would like to encourage everyone to decorate their bikes or scooters with bright, reflective materials and lights before cycling or scooting to school.


There are lots of things you can use to decorate your bikes:

  • bright lights
  • reflective material
  • painted cardboard
  • streamers
  • pipe cleaners around the spokes

…the possibilities are endless.


Whatever you come up with, please make sure the decorations don’t obstruct the controls or moving parts of the bike.


We’ll hold a special assembly at 9am with Jonathan Dixon, Sustrans Bike It Plus Officer for Dorset. Then we’ll go and look at the bikes, selecting the ‘brightest’ for prizes, which we’ll award in the Star assembly on Friday.


Thank you for your help with this fun day. We look forward to seeing what you and your children create!

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