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High 5 Netball Match

What an exciting time the netball squad had against Bincombe yesterday! The children played extremely well and every one showed determination and skill. Unfortunately, the goals were not always forthcoming even though we had several opportunities. We lost the first quarter 2-0 and then that increased to 5-0 in the second quarter despite a determined more »

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Change 4 Life Club

We’ve been having lots of fun at Change 4 Life club. Last week, we made delicious smoothies. This week, we played some games outside in the sunshine but we also prepared some clues for a treasure hunt. Let’s keep fingers crossed for good weather next Thursday afternoon!   Miss Chetland

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A Blast At Balltastic Club!

Benchball Today began our six sizzling sessions of Balltastic Club. The club is aimed at teaching children some non-traditional/made up sports that aim to help children develop fundamental movement skills and their ability to work well in a team. The first session involved a fast paced game called Benchball. The game is similar to Dodgeball, more »

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Pokémon- Gotta Trade Them All!

We had a record number of children at Pokémon club today. It was great seeing the children talking, trading and playing fairly. It was also nice to see them swapping cards sensibly and seeing some of the younger and older children interacting with one another. For those who like Pokémon and collect the cards, the club more »

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