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Code Club trinkets

Code Club have been busy designing their own ‘trinkets’ – bits of HTML code to show a virtual greetings card. Have a look at them here: Christopher: Ella: Kiran: Ola: Alfie: Arlie: Olivia: Hollie: Rachel: Abidah:

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Jacob. the 100 word challenge

It was the morning of the dreaded monday after half term on which this strange event occurred. It started when Max got out of the wrong side of bed, in other words he wasn’t at all looking forward to school. He ran downstairs, grabbed a slice of toast and set off in an attrocious mood. more »

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Amy’s story called Silence

Silence, all Tom could hear was silence. Every one in the house was asleep apart from Tom. Tom could not sleep, he could hear all kinds of sounds. The floor creaked”What was that?” said Tom. Cling clang! went the pipes,”What was that?” said Tom. HOOT HOOT,”what was that?” said Tom. “MUM!”, shouted Tom. In came more »

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Fun with Scratch

We are learning to code our own games with Scratch – the free coding program. Click here to go to the Scratch website We’ve been following the tutorial under the ‘create’ tag. Have fun!

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Kiran (The Night Zoo Keeper) Attempt 2.

He was shocked to find a young (6 year old) Spinosaurus Aegypticus that said, “Why on earth did you kick me in the face!?????!” “I was just chilling. I am the last of my kind…” “I need to know more about you,” The Lord Of Nulth said, interrupting the Spinosaurus. “Now be gone!!!! Out of more »

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Kerry’s Christmas

It was a snowing outside when I woke up. Then I went to wake up my parents and they gave me a present. When I opened it I saw a strange red fox teddy. The next week I had a friend round and she had a cute bunny teddy. We decided to play Santa’s got more »

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Amy’s christmas

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word Christmas? How about celebration or red. Christmas is about new beginnings and a fresh start. So we celebrate. What would red mean? How about red for Santa because he wears red clothes. I’m going to tell you a story. It more »

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Jacob, Christmas eve

Today was Christmas Eve and Mark was getting very nervous about getting everybody’s presents on time for tomorrow. He set off into town to do some last minute shopping. The first thing he saw when he got out of the taxi was the bright red street lights right above his head. He had a strange more »

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Carys’s christmas play :)

My Christmas play is called Angels Up High. It was about some naughty angels that always fight all the time. In the play I was Shamiarah/King Herods slave. I had 2 lines one that said:”May I suggest white satin to-night sire. ” And one that said, “Magnificent King Herod”. My friend was a slave too more »

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