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Achieving in Athletics

Achieving in Athletics Despite the dodgy weather today, Year 3 ventured up to the top field in order to participate in a variety of track and field sporting events. The four events were: -Hurdles -Shotput -Long Jump -60 metre sprint The children were encouraging one another and pushing themselves to the limit. In particular, a more »

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Grafting in the Garden

Grafting in the Garden Every half term, a small group of children are selected to look after our garden patch. It is a huge responsibility and requires time, care and a great deal of elbow grease! On Friday, a group of children did some weeding, watering, deadheaded daffodil leaves and found some large taproots. Looking more »

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healthy pic

Healthy Poster Challenge

Healthy Poster Challenge   After winning the Gold School Games Mark for sport and healthy well-being, we have been told ways in which we can earn ‘Platinum School Games Mark’ (oooh) over the next few years. In assembly today, the children were set a challenge in order to brighten up the school (and show just more »

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School Games Medala

School Games Mark

School Games Mark  The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future more »

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Painting for Wellbeing

Here are some photos of the Reception unit’s wellbeing activity which took place during the enrichment day last Friday. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and all of the adults involved were impressed by the children’s concentration during the painting activity. We painted some butterflies in the style of pointillism and everyone produced more »

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Happiness in Unit Two

Happiness in Unit Two What an amazing final day before half term. The children all participated in a wide range of activities across the school in their teams (Dragon, Pegasus, Griffin and Phoenix). As each team visited Unit Two, they were in for a treat! First, they were split into two groups and half of more »

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Tri-Golf Competition

Tri-Golf Competition On a scorching hot afternoon, Year 3 set off on the coach to participate in a golfing competition. The competition was about: -Learning new skills -Showing sportsmanship -Improving their knowledge of the sport The children separated into Team A, Team B and Team (you guessed it) C. The children participated in eight excellent more »

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Hooray For Handball!

Hooray For Handball! Sadly, our half term on Handball has come to an end. Today, the children were separated into three teams (led by carefully selected captains) as they participated in 5-minute matches against each other. Despite the fact that it was incredibly hot outside, the games were very competitive and the children definitely demonstrated more »

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Excelling on Microsoft Excel

Excelling on Microsoft Excel As our chapter on bar charts comes to an end, the children were set the challenge of collecting data and then creating a graph using Microsoft Excel. After a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this, the children had to put their ICT and maths skills to the test as they more »

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Dabbling in Debating

Dabbling in Debating After our recent trip to the SeaCity Museum, the children reflected on everything they learnt about in order to participate in a debate that has divided people for over 100 years. We wanted to unpick exactly who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. We began by naming some of more »

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