Emergency Closure Plan

School Emergency Closure

A Guide for Parents and Carers

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We recognise that the decision to close our school in the event of an emergency (e.g. snow, flooding, no heating) significantly impacts upon you, as parents and carers. This information sheet outlines the agreed procedure that we will follow and offers advice on the key things to consider, both before and after the decision to close has been made.


Guidance given to school

When considering a closure, school will:

  • Undertake a risk assessment to determine whether it is feasible for children and staff to remain in the school and if not, what subsequent risks could arise by sending them home. Before school hours start, we will also assess if the roads are safe for children to travel to school
  • Consider how many staff will be available to properly supervise and care for the children
  • Seek approval from the Governing Body (usually this will be the Chair of Governors) to authorise the decision to close
  • Notify Dorset County Council via the ‘Dorset For You’ website (Wessex FM has agreed to broadcast details of all school closures).


Know the procedure

Southill has a clear plan of action to be followed in the event of a closure:

  • If the decision is made before school, parents will be sent a text message before 8am.
  • If the decision is made during the day, while children are at school, parents will receive a text message asking for their children to be collected.
  • The Dorset For You website will be amended to show the school as closed: http://mapping.dorsetforyou.com/closedservices/Service/schools
  • Announcements will be made on Wessex FM
  • The main page of the school website will be updated to provide information about the closure.

 It is essential that you ensure we have the correct mobile number on file.

Who to contact?

If the decision is made to close, you will be notified by text. Should you need to contact the school directly, please be aware that the lines may be busy or unavailable when a large number of parents are calling at the same time.


Further information

We will use the text messaging service and our school website to keep you informed so you will be able to make plans for the following day.