Entering the World of Year Three!

Entering the World of Year Three! 

Transition morning meant that Year Two became Year Three (for an hour). We began with a game called ‘Teacher vs Children’. Each child had to write down one thing about themselves that is true and another statement that was a TOTAL AND UTTER LIE…The teachers then had to guess which one was the fib!

The children had tremendous fun tricking Mr. Prior and Mrs Walkinshaw and won the competition 5-4.

We then discussed how Year Three were going to become ‘the best class in the school’ next year and drew up a classroom contract for all of us to sign in September. I was very impressed with the maturity of the children and the rules that they managed to come up with together.

Finally, the children drew a self-portrait of themselves which will be put on display in Unit Two for when the children arrive back after the summer holidays.

I am certainly very excited about next year and I hope the children are too. For now enjoy your last few days of school and have an incredible summer holidays!

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