Healthy eating at Southill

Please see our factsheet designed to help you understand our approach to healthy eating. The factsheet can be downloaded here.

As a school who holds a Healthy Schools Plus Award, we need to teach our children about healthy eating and lifestyles and to encourage them wherever and whenever we can. This means giving our children clear messages about being active and eating well. As with everything we do, we want to do this in a supportive and encouraging manner.

Healthy eating is a sensitive and, at times, difficult area to discuss with parents and so the factsheet outlines what we believe are the most important and achievable principles that we can agree to as a school. By making our approach clear to you, we believe this will help you support our approach and, very importantly, provide consistent messages to all our children.

The principles we set before parents are relatively simple and easy to follow:

  • if sending a lunchbox, please supply a healthy, balanced lunch (which most of you do already)
  • send only fresh fruit or vegetables for KS2 children’s morning snack (a snack for KS1 children is supplied)
  • supply only water for drinking during the day
  • restrict ‘unhealthy’ treats to one a day

We use guidance from the Public Health Agency to help us draw up our guidelines. Their document ‘Are You Packing A Healthy Lunch?’ is very helpful and clearly written. Please find a copy of it here.

No nuts, please!

We also need to ask you to be really careful about not sending in any food which may contin nuts, please (for instance cereal bars or chocolate spread). There are children at school who are very allergic to nuts and could react very severely to them, even if they are being eaten by children some distance away.