Breakfast Club and Lunches


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To order your lunches (£2.40 per lunch) via your SCOPay account click here

As always, please ask Mrs Sharpe in the office if you have any questions about the hot school meals.



Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is organised by the leadership team of the school and administered by Mrs Sharpe in the office. The club is staffed by some of our Teaching Assistants.  Children can arrive at Breakfast Club from 8.00 am.  The children will go through to class at 8.45am to prepare for the school day, making for an unhurried and calm start to the day.


The daily menu will mainly be cereal, toast, fresh fruit and a glass of fruit juice.

What do children need to bring?

Children will need to bring everything they need for their day at school. In addition, we recommend a toothbrush and toothpaste in a named bag or other container. It is current practice at breakfast club for children to brush their teeth before the school day begins. Time will be made available for this.


The staff will be making a number of different activities available, such as ball games, lego, play equipment, drawing and board games. Most days’ activities will be hall-based, with others taking place outside when the weather is good.


Behaviour will be very important at Breakfast Club and we will have the same high expectations for children’s manners and behaviour as we do during the rest of their school day. Children who are regularly rude to the staff or other children or who disrupt the running of the club will have their places withdrawn.


The cost will be £3.10 per session.

How to order and pay

Booking and payment must be made by the Thursday which is six working days in advance, via your SCOPay account.  This will allow us time to purchase the food required and to make sure the club will be properly staffed.  When you log in to your SCOPay account, you will see a separate ‘Breakfast Club’ menu option through which all bookings for places should be made and paid for.  Click here to book your child onto Breakfast Club.

Please ask Mrs Sharpe in the office if you have any questions about Breakfast Club.