We’ve Got The Power!

Year 4 are embarking on their new project of electrical engineering, we are learning how to create light, heat, sound and movement using electricity. Today we investigated conductors and insulators and tested whether you can power a lightbulb with a balloon or a pair of scissors. We look forward to seeing you at our Games more »

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Artists and Engineers

What another wonderful week it has been in Reception. I couldn’t stop taking photographs of all the children being busy in the classroom and following their interests. We had a visit from a spider on Tuesday which inspired a group of children to make spider homes and the painting table has also been fully booked more »

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Achieving in Athletics

Achieving in Athletics Despite the dodgy weather today, Year 3 ventured up to the top field in order to participate in a variety of track and field sporting events. The four events were: -Hurdles -Shotput -Long Jump -60 metre sprint The children were encouraging one another and pushing themselves to the limit. In particular, a more »

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Grafting in the Garden

Grafting in the Garden Every half term, a small group of children are selected to look after our garden patch. It is a huge responsibility and requires time, care and a great deal of elbow grease! On Friday, a group of children did some weeding, watering, deadheaded daffodil leaves and found some large taproots. Looking more »

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healthy pic

Healthy Poster Challenge

Healthy Poster Challenge   After winning the Gold School Games Mark for sport and healthy well-being, we have been told ways in which we can earn ‘Platinum School Games Mark’ (oooh) over the next few years. In assembly today, the children were set a challenge in order to brighten up the school (and show just more »

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Sew beautiful!

Year 4 have been really resilient and have finished their amazing Tudor Roses.  The stitching in the creations you can see are the children’s own work, a result of concentration and dedication to perfection.  Well done Year 4, it was a pleasure to complete this project with you all.

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