SeaCity Museum – Tales of the Titanic

SeaCity Museum – Tales of the Titanic

Year 3 went on an adventure early this morning as we travelled up to Southampton in order to learn all about the Titanic at SeaCity Museum. We began the morning by dressing up and getting to know some of the crew and passengers that were on-board the ship. We then participated in some thought-provoking activities:

Science investigation- can you work out how to keep the ship afloat?

Lifeboats- out of a selection of passengers and crew, who deserves a place on the lifeboat

Smelly Cubes- match the smell to one of the locations on the ship

Handling artefacts- touching and learning about the kinds of objects that were on the historic ship.

With our brains filled with new information, we then had to try and fit even more in as we ventured round the museum. Our guide then helped us travel back in time as we made our way down an old fashioned city street. She then talked to us about: some of the jobs you would find on-board, how Southampton was different in 1912 than it is today and why so many died (let’s just say the person who designed the ship valued deck chairs more than lifeboats). We even had the chance to steer the ship and even become a fireman shoveling coal. Communications were a huge reason why the Titanic met its bitter end too and we learnt all about morse code and how the California and Carpathia were linked to this history moment in history.

After a spot of lunch, the children then had time in the afternoon to visit the courtroom where people were trialed for reasons linking to the Titanic’s demise. We went into the story room where we listened to people’s stories on-board the ship when it hit the iceberg. The children also had the chance to spend their pennies in the shop and reminisced about their wonderful experiences of the trip on the journey back to school.

It was a day filled with fascinating facts, fun activities and extremely well-behaved and enthusiastic children. They represented the school impeccably!

A huge thank you to Mrs Potts who was kind enough to give up her Thursday to help supervise the children. Finally, thank you to Mrs Harris and Mrs Hazell for making sure the children (and Mr. Prior) behaved themselves.

Below are some photographs from our trip (more photos to follow as we are trying to fix a camera memory card).


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  1. Jake Axten 9 May 2019 at 19:22pm #

    The trip was brilliant, my favroute bit was the boilers. Thanks everyone for a great day.

  2. Mrs. Hazell 11 May 2019 at 07:54am #

    That was a fabulously fun and informative day, well done year 3, you should be very proud of yourselves, you represented the school at its best!

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