Sports Day 2019

Sports Day 2019

The sun was shining, hats were donned, cones were set out. It must be time for…SPORTS DAY!

I’m sure you will agree, it was an afternoon filled with fun, competitiveness and sportsmanship. A huge thank you to the parents for coming and cheering your children across the finish line. It was very hot for them, however with your encouragement they were able to successfully compete in and complete all six events.

The scores were counted and verified. Mr. Mason then revealed that the winning team were…DRAGON! A huge congratulations to Dragon who managed to win the Sports Day Cup. It will now be displayed in the hall, with green ribbons tightly fastened on the handles, for everybody to see.

Below are just a few pictures from our sunny sports afternoon. Enjoy.

3 Responses to Sports Day 2019

  1. Claudine Hodges 27 June 2019 at 09:29am #

    Great photos Mr Frampton!!

  2. Rachael Moody 27 June 2019 at 10:42am #

    Another brilliant afternoon. Well done everyone for taking part and in such heat as well. You all did brilliantly.. xx

  3. Isla 28 June 2019 at 20:54pm #

    Well done Dragon!! My team (Pegasus) came last again!

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