Stretching Ourselves When Sketching

Stretching Ourselves When Sketching

A few weeks ago, during Mrs Wood’s assembly, we watched a video all about a boy called Austin. It involved Austin drawing a butterfly. It took Austin several drafts and listening to constructive criticism before he eventually reached a picture that he was extremely proud of. The children were shocked at the improvement from Austin’s first picture compared to his sixth!

We noticed that Austin had to be resilient and reflective in order to be successful (to see this video follow the link below). 

Based on Austin’s determination and willpower, the children had the opportunity to draw the ‘unsinkable’ ship…The Titanic. We watched a video where someone had cleverly used the word ‘Titanic’ in order to help them create an incredible sketch!

The children had to follow step-by-step instructions carefully in order to be successful. The children ALL demonstrated reflectiveness and resilience and all tried extremely hard to do the very best they could.

Below is a video of the artist creating this clever sketch, some pictures of the children giving it a go along with some of the brilliant sketches that the children have produced. Some of them haven’t quite  finished, but you get the idea. Well done Year Three. Austin would be very impressed…

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