Summer Term 2013 – Celebrating Success

During assembly today, Mrs Bolton presented pupils with various trophies, awards and certificates to celebrate their achievements and successes.  Very well done to all classes this year.  I enjoyed reading your reports  and am very pleased with the hard work in all your lessons, activities and special trips.

I am really pleased with attendance overall this year and lots of you have done your best to be in school as much as you can.  Well done mums and dads! There are 10  pupils who managed the full 100% all year, so a special well done to those pupils who are pictured below.

Positive Steps – for trying really hard and having an excellent attitude to learning.

Achievement – doing something really, really well.

Sports – for doing really well in P.E. or in a school team.

Friendship – doing something special for others.

The Arts – for achieving well in music, art, dance or drama.

Citizenship – for caring for your class, the environment and your world

Well done to all the children who were nominated for the trophy awards at the end of term. They all received a badge and are listed below, class by class from reception to Y6. Those in bold won the trophy and title for the term.

Positive Steps – Callum, Aleena, Caitlin, Chelsea, Chloe, Courtney  and William.

Achievement – Lily, Victoria, Rachel, Kerry, Tyler, Sophia and Kai.

Friendship – Niamh, Meena, Lennon, Asa, Meg, Nathan and Sam.

Sport – Tommy, Victor, Christopher, Amy, Eden, Connor and Callum.

The Arts – Francesca, Kayden, Hollie, Jacob, Verity, Zoe and Alice Adams.

Citizenship – Seth, Alice, Jess, Kiran, Jake, Harry and Omar.

Positive Steps Sport Friendship Citizenship Achievement Attendance

The Arts




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3 Responses to Summer Term 2013 – Celebrating Success

  1. Callum 18 July 2013 at 11:37am #

    Yay. I finally got a trophy! I won it with my brother, Connor. Even though it was a joint trophy he seems to think it’s his! I’m really happy that I won it and even more happy that it was a sports one as I love sports. It was a good surprise as I am leaving to go to secondary school and I feel proud.

    • Sam Ashmore 28 July 2013 at 19:34pm #

      Well done Callum and Connor!

  2. Charley 11 February 2014 at 12:16pm #

    Well done great awards good efforts.

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