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Jacob. the 100 word challenge

It was the morning of the dreaded monday after half term on which this strange event occurred. It started when Max got out of the wrong side of bed, in other words he wasn’t at all looking forward to school. He ran downstairs, grabbed a slice of toast and set off in an attrocious mood. more »

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Kerry.The night zoo keeper

He was shocked to find in the bag a cute chick called Steve. Steve was damaged in the wings so he could never fly. Three years later Steve had grown and he didn’t realise that he couldn’t fly. So each day he hopped onto a hay stack and jumped off, but each day he failed. more »

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The Night Zoo Keeper Tia W

He was shocked to find.. an Elephant! The elephant was badly damaged in its trunk. The zoo keeper felt terrible and didn’t keep his eye on the poor old Elephant. The next day Elephant felt in a bit of pain but the zoo keeper still didn’t take his eye off him. He wished to be a different type of more »

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Leon.The night zoo keeper

The lard of the nulth  was shocht to find in the bag the same spider that he kicked erlyer he was shocht that it whent oround the houl would. And skerd him round the hoal zoo finerly he did kicked the spider less far and landed into a volcano and the voalcano explodid and he more »

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