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What can you buy for 50p?

What can you buy for 50p?                                           You could Sponsor A Splat for 50p  to help raise money for painting beds and furniture at the Baragu Childrens Hospital Ward in Kenya. To find out more information visit News blog, School news, Kenya or click the Kenya link on the more »

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Kenya Trip – Day 3

The message came through late last night the strike was off, so we can go to Kalewa School. The trip took about 40 minutes on extremely rough roads, felt like a rollercoaster ride that went on forever. On arrival at Kalewa we met Mr Nkonge and the head Mr Bundi.

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Kenya Trip – Day 2

After a night under mosquito nets we had breakfast and then went for a mini tour. We visited Baruga health centre where we saw the building of the children’s health centre which children at Southill helped to build with our ‘sponsor a stone’. The next stage is to put on the roof and add windows more »

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Kenya Trip – Day 1

We finally arrived at Chogoria 21 hours after leaving Weymouth. The journey from Nairobi to Chagoria was extremely hairy. Some of the worst drivers I have ever seen!!

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