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Kerry’s Christmas

It was a snowing outside when I woke up. Then I went to wake up my parents and they gave me a present. When I opened it I saw a strange red fox teddy. The next week I had a friend round and she had a cute bunny teddy. We decided to play Santa’s got more »

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Kerry: The shipwreck

On the west coast of Ireland there is a ship wreck. It is rusty and old now even though it used to be a very posh ship. It was used for King Henry the 8th and many more important people came on the ship. The ship was used by a man called Jake before it more »

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Kerry.The night zoo keeper

He was shocked to find in the bag a cute chick called Steve. Steve was damaged in the wings so he could never fly. Three years later Steve had grown and he didn’t realise that he couldn’t fly. So each day he hopped onto a hay stack and jumped off, but each day he failed. more »

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