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Day 3 London

It doesn’t get much more exciting than today. It started quite ordinary, breakfast, getting lunch and hopping on the bus. We then made our way to Trafalgar Square where we dropped into the National Gallery. We (some more than others) had a pleasant hour looking at paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Turner, Constable to more »

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Day 2 London

What a day. It started at a reasonable time. Children didn’t wake up until around 6.30 – not too bad! Then it was showers all round. Breakfast was pretty good with a large selection of food including: fruit, cereal, yoghurt, toast, baked beans, ham, cheese, rolls, croissants etc. nobody went hungry. From there onto the more »

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Day 1 London

Well what an early start for a Sunday morning! We had a relatively simple journey to London with very little traffic, one good reason for travelling on a Sunday I guess. We stopped at Fleet to pick up our new bus driver, Alex from Wales. He was very impressed with Angel C’s birthday as it more »

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The Southill 7

The Southill 7 children from Year 5 and Year 6, who did not go to London, had a very busy week; here are some of the activities: On the first day of our exciting week, we arrived at school. There were seven of us and Mrs Biles. First the Southill Seven (as we were called) more »

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Kenya Trip – Day 3

The message came through late last night the strike was off, so we can go to Kalewa School. The trip took about 40 minutes on extremely rough roads, felt like a rollercoaster ride that went on forever. On arrival at Kalewa we met Mr Nkonge and the head Mr Bundi.

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Kenya Trip – Day 2

After a night under mosquito nets we had breakfast and then went for a mini tour. We visited Baruga health centre where we saw the building of the children’s health centre which children at Southill helped to build with our ‘sponsor a stone’. The next stage is to put on the roof and add windows more »

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Kenya Trip – Day 1

We finally arrived at Chogoria 21 hours after leaving Weymouth. The journey from Nairobi to Chagoria was extremely hairy. Some of the worst drivers I have ever seen!!

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Y4 Our trip to Leeson House

We had an enjoyable residential trip to Leeson House at the end of January and were lucky not to get too cold or wet! We took part in many activities including orienteering, team games, weather studies, animal and geology workshops and visits to Arne Nature Reserve and Studland Bay.

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