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Kiran (The Night Zoo Keeper) Attempt 2.

He was shocked to find a young (6 year old) Spinosaurus Aegypticus that said, “Why on earth did you kick me in the face!?????!” “I was just chilling. I am the last of my kind…” “I need to know more about you,” The Lord Of Nulth said, interrupting the Spinosaurus. “Now be gone!!!! Out of more »

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Kerry’s Christmas

It was a snowing outside when I woke up. Then I went to wake up my parents and they gave me a present. When I opened it I saw a strange red fox teddy. The next week I had a friend round and she had a cute bunny teddy. We decided to play Santa’s got more »

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Kerry: The shipwreck

On the west coast of Ireland there is a ship wreck. It is rusty and old now even though it used to be a very posh ship. It was used for King Henry the 8th and many more important people came on the ship. The ship was used by a man called Jake before it more »

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Dorka the ship

The ship swayed from side to side, floorboards creaking, its furry house-guests squeaking in fear and the ghosts having a party. It was a normal day. Suddenly, the china started breaking, and the treasure chests flew open, spitting gold, silver, copper and jewels all over. The ghosts started taking the party too far, firing cannons more »

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Sam ,the night zookeeper

He was shocked to find a bunny hopping about inside of the huge sack! He reached in and found its back legs to pick it up by as to make sure it did not scratch his shiny new paint-work. “Tell me where you came from and what you came to do!” shouted the the Lord of Nulth at more »

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Carys the night zoo keeper

He was shocked to find a boy from another village. The boy had travelled far to get to Nulth. Nulth was a village with no trees, deserts, grass and no jungles. The boy crawled out of the bag. “Who are you?”said the Lord of Nulth. “I am Roy from Joy Town”, he said. “Get him more »

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Dorka The Night Zoo Keeper

He was shocked to find…a human. “Hi my name is Lily, Lily Rose”, she said. “A human!”, exclaimed the lord of Nulth.”But I thought I got rid of them all,” The Lord shouted.”Well, I suppose I was trapped in a bag for 5 days, mumbled Lily. “And how exactly did you get TRAPPED in a more »

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The Night Zoo Keeper Tia W

He was shocked to find.. an Elephant! The elephant was badly damaged in its trunk. The zoo keeper felt terrible and didn’t keep his eye on the poor old Elephant. The next day Elephant felt in a bit of pain but the zoo keeper still didn’t take his eye off him. He wished to be a different type of more »

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