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Jacob. the 100 word challenge

It was the morning of the dreaded monday after half term on which this strange event occurred. It started when Max got out of the wrong side of bed, in other words he wasn’t at all looking forward to school. He ran downstairs, grabbed a slice of toast and set off in an attrocious mood. more »

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Jacob. The ship

On the coast of western Ireland lay a rusty ship. It sat there proudly while the hull of the ship shone brightly in the sunlight. The waves crashed against the front of the vessel ferociously. The clouds scuttled along the blue sky like crabs. People stood around it observing it closely, wondering about the history more »

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Jacob. The night zoo keeper

He was shocked to find a little bird. A smile landed on the Lord’s metal face as the bird took flight, cicling his throne.”I came to you because I am the only one of my kind left on Earth, and I need your help,” tweeted the bird in a high pitched voice.”Why?” asked the Lord more »

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Verity. The night zoo keeper

He was shocked to find a brown rabbit. “Hello, my name is Phillip,” said the rabbit proudly,”what is your name?” ” My name is Lord of the Nulth!” “Well, anyway I better go now my wife is waiting for her afternoon cuppa.” The rabbit was about to leave when the Lord said,” You shall not go!” said the Lord, more »

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