Trophy Awards

Your teacher may pick you to receive one of our special trophies awarded at the end of each term.

trophyPositive Steps – for trying really hard and having an excellent attitude to learning.

Achievement – doing something really, really well.

Sports – for doing really well in P.E. or in a school team.

Friendship – doing something special for others.

The Arts – for achieving well in music, art, dance or drama.

Citizenship – for caring for your class, the environment and your world

Well done to all the children who were nominated for the trophy awards at the end of term. They all received a badge and are listed below, class by class from reception to Y6. Those in bold won the trophy and title for the term.

Autumn Term 2012

Achievement – Freddie Schack-West, Joshua Newland, Hollie Davis, Tia Webster, Amelia Bond, Kira Kent, Emily Foster.

‘Positive Steps’ – Lexie Davis, Kira Blatchley, Ella Boyce, Shakeira Winter, Eloise Read, Rebecca Bowman, Cameron Logan.

Friendship – Evie Best, Samuel Schofield, Abigail Cragg, Elisha Street, Owen Webster, Elsie Boyall, Hollie Carr.

Sport – Charley Cornish, Darcie Smith, Naronne Dervonte, Charlie Pitt, Austin Nash, Jess Wallis, Ella Fry.

The Arts – Ava Aston, Sophie-Lin Smale, Thomas Burnett, Ho-Him Xue, Taryn Foster, Robyn Keyworth, Toni Porter.

Citizenship – Kian Winter, Casey Pilkington, Ellis Bowkett, Asa Holland, Verity Macartney-Parker, Aidan Watson, Lauren Revill.

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  1. imogen 19 July 2013 at 07:56am #

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who was nomanated for the term. well done

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