Viking War Cries

Viking War Cries

Goodness me Year Three are having fun learning all about the Vikings. We have learnt that:

-the Vikings first raided Britain in 793 AD

-they travelled from their Scandinavian homelands (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) on longships

-most Vikings even used their shields as weapons

-they raided monasteries first as this is where most of the gold was kept


In class, we have discussed how terrifying it would be going into a battle. We have therefore been mastering the art of performing an inspiration, passionate war cry in order to fill warriors with adrenaline and aggression!

It was very entertaining seeing the children stepping up and delivering inspiring speeches to the class. Below are just a handful of our Viking warriors delivering their hearty speeches. DEATH OR GLORY!

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  1. Mr Hainsworth 12 June 2019 at 10:38am #

    Hello Year 3,

    We are a different Year 3 class from Tetbury. Just to let you know, we have watched your Viking Battle cries and we loved them! We are writing our own battle cries based on Boudicca. Your class’ battle cries have really inspired us, so thank you! 🙂 DEATH OR GLORY!

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