Year 6 residential trip: the final day

Grey skies and drizzle greeted us this morning as we met for breakfast and contemplated the challenges ahead. Notthat we were dismayed by the weather – far from it! The conditions made for better waves on Widemouth Beach which was where we were all headed for a morning of body-boarding. A combination of fantastic waves and all being together in teh sea meant for probably the most enjoyable activiy of the weekend and the one that will be most remembered. The children’s screams of excitement are probably still echoing around the coast of Cornwall. A brilliant morning.

The afternoon was fun for different reasons – abseiling, climbing and coastal traversing all have challenges to face and to surmount.

The evening was spent around the campfire. We looked back on our time and all shared achievemnts and funny moments. There were a lot of funny moments.

The teachers awarded a prize to a member of their group who had pushed themesleves to try new (and difficult) things while also offering encouragement to their teams and help to everyone. Well done Indie, Isabel and Ethan.

Finally, everyone was presented with a certificate and, of course, marshmallows were toasted. A fabulous end to a truly memorable day.


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  1. Oof 24 June 2019 at 21:35pm #

    Wow very much enjoyed by Callum I have enjoyed dis school trip

  2. Mrs. Hazell 27 June 2019 at 11:53am #

    Wow, Year 6, you had so much fun and many challenges. The photos brought back great memories of last year’s trip, especially that lovely sunset! The cliff traversing looked great fun, the body boarding has to be a highlight. I’m glad you all had a fabulous time.

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