Home Learning

Friday 26th Nov 2021


This weeks spellings are tricky words that we have learnt how to read in phonics. These are tricky words as they cannot be sounded out. Please support your child by practising these at home.

house     mouse     water



Next week we will be spending some time focusing on our number bonds to 10. These are two numbers which go together to make 10. Being confident and fluent with number bonds to 10 and eventually 20 is a key skill for children to develop in Year 1. For example,

10 and 0

1 and 9

2 and 8

3 and 7 etc.

You can support at home by practising these over the weekend ready for next week and throughout the week. You could…use 2 different coloured objects to model how the number 10 is ‘made up’ for example 9 red blocks and 1 yellow block. Next use 8 red blocks and 2 yellow blocks and then 7 red block and 3 yellow blocks etc. Emphasizing each time that the total amount is still 10 and has not changed. These are numbers which add together to make 10.

Topic – if you would like too

Collect and range of photos of your child as a baby, toddler and as they are now. Talk about how we  have been learning about the the stages of life at school. Then ask them to sort their images into three stages – baby, toddler and child. Challenge the children to sequence their photographs to make a personal timeline. Ask questions to guide them. For example, ‘Which photograph comes first on your timeline? Where will you place the photograph of you as a toddler? Which photograph will be last on your timeline?’ After organising their photographs maybe you could make one together focusing on one of the adults at home.