Home Learning

2nd February 2024


Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and help with the story maps last week. The children did a fantastic job with their independent writing this week as a result of knowing their stories so well!


Some children will have a Lexia password and login Sellotaped on the inside of their blue reading record. This is a website designed to help with their reading.

Please encourage your child to login for a few minutes as often as possible. Ideally, each child would complete approximately 40mins a week. The children do login at school, but we are unable to provide them with the amount of time they really need to benefit fully from the program. Please record in their Reading Record when they have used it.

Thank you so much for your support with this. It can make a huge difference to your child’s confidence and ability in reading.


On Wednesday your child bought home their next reading book. This book has been read in school with them following the Little Wandle Scheme – it is directly matched to your child’s reading ability. We will read your child’s new Little Wandle book in school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The book sent home on Wednesday is now for you to read and follow up at home.  Your child has also bought home a school library book of their choice – this is not matched to their reading ability and is therefore a book to share together.

We visit the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they can be changed.

Please record ALL reading in your child’s reading record so that we can see that reading, story sharing or other reading for pleasure has taken part every day at home.

Reading records and reading books are expected to be bought into school every day to be monitored and to record when your child has read in school.

This week all groups have been revisiting sounds learnt earlier in the term, so no new sounds this week or next.


We are continuing to learn words taken from the Year 1 National Curriculum. These are ‘common exception’ words that your child is expected to be able to spell independently in their writing by the end of Year 1. You will notice that some of these words your child is familiar with from Reception. Please practice writing the words below together.

We will ‘test’ these spellings next Friday. The scores will be in your child’s reading record for you to see and to continue practicing any words that they need further support with. We are starting to focus a lot more on these words when writing and will be using the Year 1 spelling list in all of our writing sessions.

This weeks words are…





We have now begun our new unit – Addition and subtraction within 20. This is a tricky unit as it assumes that the children are already secure on their number bonds to 10 knowledge and requires them to apply this understanding to higher numbers. Please continue to practice number bonds to 10 at home. Little and often is the best way!

In book bags you will find a number line and a colouring puzzle for the children to complete with an adult.

Here is this weeks video to accompany the classroom learning.