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Friday 12th March – spellings to be tested Friday 19th March


This week we will carry on learning the days of the week. Please learn…







Use the 100 square in the link below. Cover over some of the numbers, you can do this by clicking on the button with the eye on it with a cross through it. It will then remove the numbers that you click on.

Can you spot which numbers are missing. How do you know? For example, I know that 10 is missing because it is next to 9. I can count up in 1’s. Or I know that 35 is missing, I can look down the 5 column. Focus on teen numbers and ‘tee’ numbers for example 13 and 30 – these are particualullry tricky.

Becoming familiar with the 100 square is really important, we have been working on this in class this week and are starting to get really confident finding and identifying numbers quickly.




Thankyou for your continued support.