Home Learning

Friday 15th Oct 2021


This week’s spellings are….

one              here              today

We have been reading these words in class this week and have practised writing them as part of our phonics lessons.



This week we have been focusing on number bonds. These are when 2 numbers are added together to make the ‘whole’. We call the 2 numbers the ‘parts’

For example, in the addition number sentence 2 + 3 = 5            2 and 3 are the ‘parts’ and 5 is the ‘whole’.

To consolidate this learning and extend your child’s confidence with number bonds within 10 please watch the video below. You can join in with the activities using cubes or counters that you have at home. Follow the link below and watch the video titled ‘Find number bonds for numbers within 10.’



Thanks for your continued support