Home Learning

Friday 1st May 2020


Today we are going to watch the online Phonics again.

I would recommend watching the ‘Year 1’ session at 10.30. It has a recap of phase 3 sounds at the beginning before moving onto teaching the phase 5 sounds, so there is no need to watch The Receptions video as well unless you would like to. All of these sounds your child has been taught already at school so they should be familiar. We would be recapping all sounds during the summer term and would continue looking at ‘tricky words’ which are also covered in these videos which is great!

The link is below again ….   if you are not able to watch the video at 10.30 you can watch it at another time. After it has been ‘live’ it is then on the ‘Letters and sounds’ youtube channel which can be accessed at any time of the day – Yay!




Yesterday you ‘innovated’ your Sidney Spider story to a character of your own, for example ‘Sam Snail’. Today I would like you to write up your story with your new character. Just do what you can, there is no pressure to write the whole story!!

Please really focus on consistency – capital letters, full stops, finger spaces etc. In Year 1 it is really important that these sentence features are being used consistently across longer texts rather than just stand alone sentences. Say your sentence aloud, count the words and then write using your sound mat for support. Read it back, have you written all of the words? Have you checked your tricky word spellings on the mat sent home?



Choose a few quizzes following the link below and have a go. You could focus on the multiplication and division quizzes as we have been learning about this recently. However, there are quizzes on all different aspects of maths for you to choose from. Have some fun!!


We will be starting a new chapter from Maths No Problem on Monday.