Home Learning

Half term home learning

Below are some activities that you can do at home to support your child over half term.

These activities will help to consolidate prior learning and support your child to be ready for the next half term.

  • phonics – your child has bought home the sounds that we have learnt so far. Please support at home by cutting these sounds into flashcards. You could stick them up around the house and say them when you walk past or just read through them together. This will really help them to memorize the sounds that they now know.
  • reading – your child has bought home their school reading book. Share this together and ask them questions – there are examples in the back of the book. It is also important to read for pleasure, share favourite stories or perhaps collect a book from the library and find out some fun facts about a topic of your choice.
  • maths – over the past week we have been looking at addition and subtraction. The children have been looking at addition within 10 using a number line. It is important to emphasize that we always start of the first number (circle it) and the second number is how many jumps we need to do. We must jump up the number line when we add as the number is getting greater. Number lines have come home.
  • When looking at subtracting we have been using the crossing out method. This is when we draw dots to symbolize how many we ‘start with’ and cross out the amount that are being subtracted – are ‘taken away’. Again, we are working on subtracting within 10. Below is an example


Supporting with these activities at home will make a huge difference.

Thanks for your continued support this half term.