Home Learning

Spellings and Mental Maths


Next week’s words are:


Parents: We are now be following the year 2 curriculum for spellings.  Many of these words will be in sets with common or alternative spelling patterns.  For the first few weeks our focus is homophones – same sound; different spelling – their meaning and use in context. Other words have more complex or unusual spelling patterns and are on the list of common exception words for year 2. Later, we will be looking at how suffixes are added to the end of root words and how the spelling of the root word might need to change (e.g. ‘drop the ‘e’ add the suffix).  The children are being taught strategies for learning spellings as part of their work at school.  Please encourage them to practice at home during the week and carry out an occasional test to prepare them for Friday morning.  When your children are confident spelling the words please encourage them to use them in sentences.   This will help with understanding and using the words in context.  They could also explore more words with these spelling patterns and bring them to school to share with us.  They will be tested by writing the words in dictated sentences.

Mental Maths Facts

Learn the pairs of numbers that total ten.
Test: complete the missing numbers, e.g.

2 + ___ = 10

7 + ___ = 10

4 + ___ = 10, etc.