Home Learning

Spellings and Times Tables


Your child has now been allocated a spelling group which is written in their reading diary. Please only practise the spellings from their group.

Sparkly Spellers






Super Spellers






Once you have learned all of your spellings, please practise putting each word into a sentence as that is how you will be tested from now on.

They will be tested in a random order, on Friday 2nd February.


If you have a Lexia Login please try to do some at home – we are all trying to meet our weekly targets. It doesn’t matter if you have already met yours; the more you do, the better you get – and it would be fantastic to see year 3 on the Lexia Leaderboard in Mrs Wood’s 2%er assembly on Thursday!

If you finish your reading book you can complete the quiz at home. Don’t forget you can quiz on your library book or home books too. (Not all books have quizzes but it’s worth typing in the title to check). Remember to take your time and think about the correct answer as you can only quiz once per book.


In maths, I would like you to practise your 3 x tables:

1 x 3  2 x 3  3 x 3  4 x 3  5 x 3  6 x 3  7 x 3  8 x 3  9 x 3  10 x 3

Please use your login to TTRockstars to practise your times tables. The children’s logins can be found in the back of their reading records. By the end of Year 3, the expectation is for your child to know their 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, and 8 times tables.

They will be tested in a random order, on Friday 2nd February.

Have a great weekend, Year 3!

Miss Hutton 🙂