Home Learning

Spellings, Mental Maths and Project Home Learning – 31st March

All home learning will be set here every Friday and will be tested the following Friday.



This week’s words to learn are:


Parents: all words are selected from the age-appropriate National Curriculum lists, these are words your child has to know by the end of Year 6.   Please encourage them to practise at home during the week, and carry out an occasional test to prepare them for Friday morning.  The tests are linked to spelling objectives and learning during the week.

Mental Maths

This week the children will be tested on and mixture of multiplication and division facts.


Project Home Learning

Below are a list of activities your child may wish to complete to prepare them for our new project ‘Britani At War’. They can bring any completed work with them to school on the first day back to share with me or the class. Please note: this project home learning is optional.

  1. Use a range of sources to look at images of First World War trenches. Find out about trench warfare and then answer the questions.
    • Why were trenches used during the First World War?
    • What did trench warfare involve?
    • What was life like for the soldiers in a First World War trench?


2. Use a range of sources to find out about the following important events, which involved Britain during the Second World War: Battle of Britain, the Blitz and D-Day. Use bullet points to write a list of key findings about each event.


3. Choose some wartime posters to explore and answer these questions: Who was the poster aimed at? What was it meant to achieve? How effective do you think it was and why?


TTRockstars is optional home learning but it is a great way for your child to become confident and fluent in recalling their times tables which will help them greatly as we move onto more complex calculations later on in the year. If you do wish to access it at home, please click the link below:




If your child is currently on Lexia, they may want to complete some activities at home. This is optional home learning but if you wish to access Lexia, please use the link below.


On Friday after school, please ask your child their score, we’ll send it home on a slip of paper.