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Thursday 26th March – Home Learning

Thursday 26th March – Home Learning 


I hope we’re ready for some new learning opportunities? Remember, do what you can and put as much effort into it as possible. You’ll be proud of yourself at the end of it, honest!

Parents. I’ve had lots of amazing feedback so far. Keep up the amazing work you are doing with your kids. If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to email me. I am more than happy to help in any way that I can, explain things in a different way or even offer up other suggestions if you want to do more.

Thank you to those who have sent me pictures…It really has cheered me up tremendously. I love to see your child’s work through pictures and even videos so please feel free to keep emailing them to me. I would love to see and hear how they are getting on!

As always, stay safe and have fun! 🙂



Please ensure your children reads daily for at least fifteen minutes. A combination of them reading independently, out loud to an adult and letting them listen to the story being told by the adult is advisable. Simply record any reading in your child’s reading record book. Remember to also quiz your books.


Writing Task – Movie Review 

Lights, Camera, Action! Today, get yourselves nice and comfortable on the sofa and be ready to become a movie critic! I would like you to watch a movie, possibly alongside mum and/or dad and make detailed notes about what you think. This could be your all-time favourite movie or a film you’ve never watched before.

Whilst watching the film, make notes about the following areas (these will be our subheadings for our movie review write-up)…


The plot- What is the film about?

The characters- Who are they? Who is your favourite character and why?

Favourite things about the film? 

Could the film be improved in any way?

Important information- How long is the film? Who is it suitable for? How old is the film? What type of film is it (scary, funny, animated etc.).

Star rating out of 10- what would you give it and why?


Tomorrow, you will turn these notes into an official ‘Movie Review’. Please do not do this yet as I will attach an example on Friday’s home learning post to show you the kind of thing I am expecting. Just detailed notes for today and enjoy the film. 🙂

Encourage children to think of a range of sentence openers (rather than always starting with the name of the film or main character’s name)…


Interestingly, ______________                                   Sadly, _________________

Amazingly, ______________                                      Before long, ________________

As quick as a flash, ________________                   Courageously, ______________

Unfortunately, ________________                           Cleverly, __________________

Luckily, __________________                                  Suddenly, ________________


Arithmetic Task- Countdown!

First of all, here are the answers to yesterday’s column addition questions…


  1.     343 + 546 = 889
  2.     202 + 697 = 899
  3.     45 + 235 = 280
  4.     67 + 329 = 396
  5.     853 + 136 = 989
  6.     450 + 451 = 901
  7.     367 + 574 = 941
  8.     129 + 229 = 358
  9.     678 + 235 = 913
  10.     1442 + 853 + 23 = 2,318


For today’s arithmetic task, we would like you to have a go at the game…COUNTDOWN. I’ve created a link that you can follow. Simply choose six numbers (big or small) and choose a target number. Then, using the countdown clock (two/three times over) see how close you can get to the target using those numbers. You may…

  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Multiply 
  • Divide

however, you can only use each number once. Don’t worry too much about hitting the target bang on. Simply get as close to the target as you possibly can. To play again, press the reset button and pick some new numbers. Feel free to create a scoreboard and the player who gets the closest to the target, wins. Alternatively, why not work together and make Agent Buzzbee proud? Have fun!


Countdown link- http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/maths/countdown/index.htm


Maths No Problem Task- Time to Tell the Time

Workbook Answers from yesterday- pages.39-40


Focus on the clock- Once again, recap the basics of telling the time. The small hand points to the hour and the big hand points to the minute. What does AM and PM stand for (before midday and after midday). Ask the children how many minutes are in an hour and what does each small line/dot (increment) stand for on the clock…1 minute. Show them how they can also count round in 5’s.

Using the yellow clock, set some trickier questions today which require children to write down the time. Again, with telling the time, repetition is key! Recap the idea of AM and PM. Inform children that as you can have more than one time, e.g. 1.00am and 1.00pm, 24-hour clock is used to help tell the difference between before and after midday. To calculate 24 hour clock, you simply add 12 to the hour (if it’s PM). If it is AM, it stays the same.

Now do some more work with the clock involving showing the time using 24-hour clock. Throw in a few AM times to see if children remember that the time should remain the same (no adding 12).

Textbook- Flick to page 57 and have a look at the digital times on the page. Children are first of all expected to write whether the time is AM or PM (depending on the hour). They must then write the time in words. Pay close attention to whether the question would like them to write the time using minutes past…or minutes to (like yesterday’s lesson). This might be a little tricky for children to grasp so support might be needed.

Workbook- When you feel children are ready, let them have a go at filling in the blanks on Page 41. To convert 24 hour clock back into 12 hour clock, they simply subtract 12 from a PM time. Again, offer support if they need it and simply put an ‘s’ next to questions supported.

I will post up the answers tomorrow so that you can mark it together 🙂


Topic-based task 


Continue creating an Acrostic Poem using the letters MACBETH. You have the rest of the week for this so please take your time and, remember, high-quality sentences. Take a look at some of the sentences you wrote yesterday. Can you improve them?


Adults- remind children about the importance of planning and presentation. Here’s a recap of the Acrostic Poem that I wrote…


Macbeth mischievously murdered King Duncan as he was sleeping…

All of Scotland bowed down to their new king (apart from Malcolm and Macduff of course).

Cackling witches brewed potions on the Heath and told Macbeth of a prophecy.

Banquo remained loyal to Macbeth and his loyalty cost him his life!

Even though Macbeth got away with treason, he began seeing the ghost of Banquo.

The doctor stared in astonishment as Lady Macbeth began having night terrors.

How does the story end? I hear you ask. It ends with Macbeth’s head on a spike!


Encourage children to think of different parts of the play and a range of characters. See if they can think of and use impressive word choices and a wide range of punctuation ? ! … , (  ) –


Challenge- To finish it off, why not do some thumbnail sketches of some of the characters/objects from the play?

A cauldron
The face of a witch
A dagger
A castle

Perhaps mum or dad could even film you performing it? I would love to see it.

JEDI CHALLENGE- Can you create an Acrostic Poem using your name? Remember, super sentences with impressive vocabulary and a range of punctuation.


Other Fun Ideas and Activities

Keen to do more?  Not ready to call it a day? Then why not give some of the activities below a go (who knows, you might enjoy it)…


Audible- a great app which you can download and contains many free books (great to listen to before bedtime).


Prior’s Top Audible Picks- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling

-The World’s Worst Teachers- David Walliams

-Diary of a Wimpy Kid- The Meltdown – Jeff Kinney


Alternatively, if you’re a real keen Walliams fan, he is currently releasing a lot of chapters of his books for free! This includes an audio story from The World’s Worst Children every day for the next 30 days! Check out this link- David Walliams


Sumdog- Online maths and literacy questions delivered through entertaining games. Simply create a login totally free of charge, create an avatar and let your children explore and play. Mr Prior’s favourite game…JUNK PILE! It’s addictive- be warned. Parents- you can also set certain questions on there for your children to focus on. Any questions, please email me.


Maths Factor-  KEEN FOR EVEN MORE MATHS? Carol Vordeman has made her website free during this strange time…feel free to login and check out some of the activities- https://www.themathsfactor.com/ 


ICT- Fancy becoming quicker at typing and brushing up on your fine motor skills? Why not have a go at BBC Dance Mat Typing…Dancing for your fingertips…you know the drill…follow the link- DanceMatTyping


LEGO Construction- What other scenes from Macbeth are you able to create out of LEGO?


Lexia- If you have a Lexia account, please feel free to login and try to do it for at least 15 minutes.


The Daily Mile- If you have a garden big enough (or a quiet field nearby) why not head out for the Daily Mile? 15 minutes…how many laps can you do?


PE- Time to learn some more ‘SIICK’ dance moves. C’mon parents, I know you want to join in…