Home Learning

Tuesday 24th March

Comprehension/Writing task

In English we have been learning all about information texts. We learnt some information all about Planet Zorb and had a go at writing our own information texts last week. They were brilliant!

Today, we’d like you to read the information below about Castles and have a go at answering the questions about it. You don’t need to copy out all of the questions, just try using the questions within your answers, answering in sentences, like we do at school.

Remember to read the information carefully, read the questions carefully and keep looking back at the information to find the answer. We have included the answer sheet so you can go through the answers with an adult after you’ve had a go.

Castle Comprehension

Arithmetic task

This week, we are concentrating on our 5 times table so we would like you to practise counting up and back in 5s to 60. You could write each number on a small piece of paper, put them in order and then turn some over and try to work out which ones are missing in the sequence.

Maths task

In Maths we have been learning all about 2D shapes, how many sides and vertices (corners) they have as well as looking at lines of symmetry.

Today, we would like you to have a look at Lesson 5 – Sorting Shapes, in the Maths No Problem Textbook (Please do not draw or write in the Textbooks.) You probably won’t have 2D shapes to move and sort but you could trace over the shapes, cut them out and then sort them or have a go at the sorting shapes activity on Espresso. (Use the link and log in details below.)


Username: student10987

Password: southill123

We would then like you to have a go at Worksheet 5 – pages 51 and 52 in the Maths No Problem Workbook.


Also, please keep practising the spellings that were set on Friday and keep reading! Remember, if you complete the quizzes for your reading books, you can complete these from home using the Accelerated Reader link given to you by Mr Mason.

We wish you well with your home learning tasks. Please get in touch via email if you have any questions.

Happy learning!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Clark