Home Learning

Wednesday 25th March

Writing task

Today, we’d like you to write some of your own factual sentences about castles. You could use the information from yesterday to help. Don’t forget to use the things in our ‘Information Toolkit’ too when writing your sentences. (See toolkit below)

Information Toolkit:

Use generaliser words – the majority of, most, many, some, others
Start some sentences with words to engage the reader like – interestingly, intriguingly, amazingly, surprisingly
Use conjunctions to add more information and extend your sentences – which, because, and, so that, but

Arithmetic task

Today, we would like you to write out the 5 times table in order from 1 x 5 = 5 to 12 x 5 = 60. Then, cover the answer to one of the time tables and see how quickly you can say it without looking. Have a look and see if you got it correct. Try another. You could ask someone to time you and see how quickly you can remember them all.

You could also have a go on ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ – just use your Purple Mash log in details to log on. Here’s the link:


Maths task

Today, we would like you to have a look at Lesson 7 – Making Patterns, in the Maths No Problem Textbook. (We have skipped Lesson 6 intentionally.) Have a go at describing the pattern, try using words such as ‘repeated’, ‘the next shape’ and ‘2 different shapes’. Can you see where the pattern starts to repeat itself? See if you can create a pattern. Can someone else guess which shape should come next?

We would then like you to have a go at Worksheet 7 – pages 55 and 56 in the Maths No Problem Workbook.

Topic task

As part of our Towers, tunnels and turrets project we have been having fun in PE doing lots of different castle related actions e.g. firing an arrow, ducking down and jumping up from behind the battlements, balancing along the drawbridge etc.

We’d like you to have fun getting active with someone at home using these and other castle related actions. See how quickly you can complete the action when it is called out loud. You could make it competitive and play a game of ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Soldier Says’ and see who is last to get caught out.

Happy learning!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Clark