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Weekly spellings and times tables

Weekly spellings and times tables




The spellings for next week are:







They will be tested on Friday 17th September



Parents: all words are selected from the age-appropriate National Curriculum list of statutory words. These are words your child has to know by the end of Year 4 (they should be familiar with these as they also began learning them in Year 3). Please encourage your child to practice at home during the week, and carry out an occasional test to prepare them for Friday morning.


Times Tables


We would like the children to have a go at learning the…


3 x table


The children will have questions on the three times table that go all the way up to 3 x 12. Try to encourage your child to learn as many 3 x table questions as possible without needing to start back at the beginning, for example knowing that 3 x 6 is 18 rather than have to count in 3’s up to the answer.




On Friday after school, please ask your child to see their scores. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.