Hola México!

Hola México!


Today, the children were introduced to their new topic…Hola México!


To kick off the topic with style, the children learnt a little bit more about Mexican culture. We started by listening to (and watching) a traditional Mexican musical performance involving hats. It certainly got the children moving! They could also use percussion instruments, such as tambourines, maracas and hand drums, to accentuate and drive their movements further.


After all that exertion, the children then tried some Mexican cuisine and took a refreshing sip of Latin limeade. It was safe to say the jalapenos in the tacos got the taste-buds tingling!


Finally, the children made a papel picado; a traditional Mexican decoration which told people their ancestors were nearby.


A huge thank you to Mrs. Khan for organising such a memorable experience for the children. Why not take a look at some of the snapshots from our fiesta!


Show of hands…who is excited for this topic?


Mr. Prior




9 comments on “Hola México!

  1. That was soo fun! I’m already so interested in our new topic! I’ve never tried any food like that before so it was great!

  2. Miss Khan says:

    Isla that’s great to hear! So pleased you gave the food a go!

  3. Sean Blaker says:

    They all look so nice! I wonder what i’ll be doing when i get back?? 😉

  4. The food was delicious!! I’m very excited for the new topic👍👍

  5. I loved the food! Thank you Mrs. Khan for arranging this!

  6. Miss Khan says:

    My ABSOLUTE pleasure!!!

  7. Miss Khan says:

    Thanks for your help Ellis!!!

  8. I loved the food it was amazing. Thank you Mrs Khan.

  9. The food was amazing I’m so excited for our new topic this term!

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