How the Mechanical Hound Works

‘How the Mechanical Hound Works’


We’ve been as busy as beavers in Year Six since half term. In literacy, we have been learning all about explanation texts. Over the past few weeks, we have learnt our model text which will help us generate ideas, structure our writing and help us improve our vocabulary and punctuation choices when it comes to writing our very own explanation text.

I was very impressed with the way in which the children worked cohesively in order to perform the text rather than just tell it. See for yourself…



Well done, Year 6. A memorable performance indeed…

11 comments on “How the Mechanical Hound Works

  1. Well done everybody. My favourite two bits were when we went “Oohh lala” and when we went “Go to work, don’t go to work!”

  2. Well done everybody in Year 6!!

  3. The Mechanical Hound was so fun to learn.I liked all the description in the second paragraph. Thank you sooooo much Mr Prior this will really help my hot task.

  4. Anna Marquis says:


  5. Wills Symonds says:

    I really like this model text! I can’t wait to see what we’re doing next….

  6. It was really fun making up all the actions and learning the story map!Thank you Mr Prior I really enjoyed it!😁

  7. Rachael Moody says:

    Amazing !! Loved this .. well done Year 6.

  8. ‘Go to work don’t go to work’ i really enjoyed it Mr Prior.😊😊😊

  9. Josh Collins yr6 says:


  10. That was sooo amazingly fun especially ‘go to work, don’t go to work’ thank you so much Mr. P I cracked up laughing!!!πŸ˜‚

  11. Brilliant year 6 😊

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