The Southill Primary: End of the Week Video!

We hope that you’ve all managed to access your child’s learning for today and have found the resources, links and information helpful.

Being a school who just loves to communicate, engage and can’t resist a little bit of fun – we’d really like to document what you’ve all been up to during this period of time to help lift our spirits and keep the children in touch. Therefore we plan to create a video collage full of content that you’d like to send us. This week our theme is Home Learning and therefore ask if you have any photos of children carrying out their learning at home that you’d like to be included within our video, that you email them over to Mrs Symonds so that she can put something together for us all to enjoy at the end of the week.

Please note that this is entirely optional and is intended to be a fun form of communication to help keep boost our positivity through these unprecedented times.

If you’d like to take part – please email your photos to or alternately you can private message them to our school Facebook page. This week we ask for home learning content only, next week our focus will be a different theme so get ready to mix it up!
Please note: we will include everybody who sends content, this means that depending on how much we receive we may only be able to use one/a few pieces for each child. Please be as creative as you like, within the theme of children carrying out their home learning.

STAY TUNED to our channels as we have a few little projects and fun content to share over time – as well of course as all the important information that we need to currently share.

Many thanks!

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