The Tales of Despereaux

Dear Diary,

___________so far, I’ve read to the class:


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Iron Man

The Wild Robot

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear


This half term, I wanted to read an amazing book called ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ to my class. This book is a tale about a tiny, sickly mouse who takes his fate into his own hands. It is the tale of a beautiful princess who makes everything around her seem brighter. It is the tale about evil rats who lurk in the dungeons…


Today, to help us the children with their diary writing, I got them to imagine that they were the large-eared, little mouse in order to write a diary entry from Despereaux’s point of view. I asked the class to describe their thoughts and feelings, write in the first person and make sure it had been written in the past tense.


I must say, some of the diary entries we’re unbelievable! Imaginative, chatty language and memorable. I feel very proud of my class as they are turning into such creative writers.


Anyway, chat soon diary…time for a cup of tea


Mr. Prior


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