Time to look at ‘The Tempest’

Time to look at ‘The Tempest’


Last academic year, the children focused on Macbeth; a famous story (and play) written by William Shakespeare. This half term, the children will be teaming with Year 3 in order to put together a performance all about ‘The Tempest’.

This morning, we began by working with Year 3 and started to learn a little bit about the main characters from the start of the story. We focused on Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Caliban. Children received a secret top trump card containing one of the characters and they had to move around the hall like that character. They then had to try and team up with children who had the same card as them using only their body language and facial expressions for clues. Children then worked in mixed groups in order to learn about some of the other characters that feature in the tale.

We then went back to our classroom and the children chose one of the characters to focus on. They had to write a descriptive paragraph about their chosen character and try to use impressive adjectives in order to describe them effectively.

A cracking start to our new unit of work and we cannot wait to continue learning about this famous Shakespeare story.


2 comments on “Time to look at ‘The Tempest’

  1. I loved doing the drama workshop

  2. Rachael Axten says:

    Harley is really enjoying everything about the Tempest, he has worked really hard learning the songs and the story at home.
    Can’t wait to see the performance.

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