Y6 Cornwall Residential – Day 1

What a cracking first day of our Cornish adventure! The weather has been absolutely perfect and the children have had an awesome day. We ate lunch at The Eden Project before starting our Storm Patrol workshop. Children had to work together to design a shelter that they could all stand up in and would withstand a storm! They had to trade and haggle for the resources they needed. Eden staff were so impressed by our resilience and teamwork and the shelters were (nearly all) a success!

After the workshop we had plenty of time to explore the biomes where we saw bananas, figs, sweet potatoes, coffee, chocolate,  sausages and cola bottles all growing. Wait … sausages and cola bottles??? It’s true!

We arrived at our beautiful hostel after a short coach journey and were all excited to settle into our rooms. We had dinner outside which was delicious and plentiful then we headed off down to the beach to play frisbee, rounders, rugby or just to chill. As we were playing on the beach we noticed that dolphins were playing in the sea!! It was quite a magical moment as we all stood and watched them leaping out of the waves. Incredible!

As I write, the children are getting washed and into their jimjams. It really has been an amazing day. I’ve been so impressed with the children’s manners and behaviour. Looking forward to tomorrow …

Mrs W

(Technical hitch with the wi-fi. I can’t get all the photos – more to follow tomorrow … hopefully!)


2 comments on “Y6 Cornwall Residential – Day 1

  1. Gemma Edwards says:

    Thankyou so much for the update. You look like your all having a fabulous time. Missing Freya today more than ever as it’s Rosie’s Birthday. Have a fantastic day at leach Pottery. Xx

  2. a.puddick says:

    We have enjoyed looking at the photos of our Buddies.
    We are glad you are having such a great time.
    Wish we were there too.
    From Reception

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