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Summer Term 1 2021

Welcome back to school as we start the first half of our Summer Term.

We have enjoyed being back in school to learn together and are excited as we start a new term. Well done for working so hard as we explored our topic of Animal Adventures. We will spend time building on our experiences and developing our friendships whilst playing and learning. We will also follow our interests and think about our next steps to develop as curious learners. There will continue to be daily opportunities to explore outside and learn as nature detectives. Independence, self-confidence and creative thinking will be our focus – developing skills to become independent learners. Staff will support children through planning for individual needs and learning experiences.

This term will focus on the prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development) to underpin everything we do. In addition we will plan and experience many activities and opportunities to enhance the specific areas of learning (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design). Daily phonics sessions will continue to build on our phonic knowledge – blending to read and segmenting to spell. This will develop into reading and writing sentences. We really enjoy sharing familiar and new stories and rhymes. This gives us opportunities to build up vocabulary, re-tell familiar stories, explore characters and settings and use our imagination. We will re-establish the fun of using our storytelling tins to create our own adventures as we learn at school. We have also become confident to adapt and innovate many different rhymes. This will continue, as well as mapping our stories and nature walks. Mark making, drawing and writing is always an exciting area to develop with opportunities for some great language development, recalling events and exploring ideas through stories. In addition we will continue to focus on developing our fine motor control to help us when we write. There will be daily opportunities to participate in movement activities to shape and support our mental health.

Our new topic for this half term will be Out and About.  Learning through nature and the world around us. We will become nature detectives and find out about the beauty around us – bugs, clouds, sticks, trees, tiny things, weather and plants. We are already great bird-watchers!

Things to remember:

Please bring a drink of water every day for snack time/lunch
The weather is changeable at the moment so bring outdoor clothing to cope with this – warm coats, rain coats or even sun hats might be needed!
Read every day and write comments in the reading diary. This should include time for re-visiting your sounds in your phonics book.
Remember to check the website for our weekly class blog and homework activities.
We will welcome children through our blue gate from 8.45-8.55 in the morning.
If you have any questions or you would like to send me information about any of your learning at home, please contact me by email.

Let’s continue our amazing learning journey.                       Mrs Puddick