Home Learning

Friday 17th June

This half term we will continue with spellings and maths which will be tested the following Friday. This is to get your child ready for home learning in Year 2 which follows the same format.


This half term we will continue working through all of the Year 1 common exception words. These are the words that your child is expected to be able to spell by the end of  Year 1 according to the National Curriculum. The list has been sent home several times throughout the year, so the words will be familiar.

This weeks spellings are

come    some    one      once      ask


This week we have been learning about o’clock and half past. Please use the plate clock sent home to practise with your child. They should be able to confidently identify the ‘minute’ and ‘hour’ hand. Knowing that when the minute hand is on 12 it will be an ‘o’clock’ time and when the minute hand is on the 6 it will be a ‘half past’ time.

Next week I will be showing your child some clock images and asking them to identify the time on them.

Thanks for your continued support