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Spelling and weekly times tables

Spelling and weekly times tables

Remember to read every day and to record it in your Reading Record books. Also if you do Lexia at school, you can login at home. Simply click the link below:





The spellings for next week are:




As we have a school trip next week, we will test the children on these in 2 weeks time (Friday 8th July). 

Parents: all words are selected from the age-appropriate National Curriculum list of statutory words. These are words your child has to know by the end of Year 4 (they should be familiar with these as they also began learning them in Year 3). Please encourage your child to practice at home during the week, and carry out an occasional test to prepare them for Friday morning.


Times Tables


We will continue to test the children on their tables using Speed Table grids. They will need to have a go at completing as much of the grid as possible in 6 minutes.

They have done these before so should be pretty familiar with them. It is essential that the children are practicing their times table every single week. They need to know ALL of their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year Four.

If you ever need any more grids, please either email me or ask your child to collect some more from the letter tray.

Mr. Prior