Home Learning

Friday 19th Nov


This weeks spellings are tricky words that we have learnt how to read in phonics.

These are tricky words as they cannot be sounded out. Please support your child by practicing these at home.

                                                             could              should           would



This week in maths we have carried on looking at on teen numbers. We have been looking at the composition of teen numbers using the vocabulary of ‘ten and ___ more’. For example, thirteen is ten and 3 more and using this language to compare greater than and less than.

At home you can support by making some teen number flashcards and practicing saying the teen number aloud as well as writing them down. Knowing that the ‘1’ represents 10 and that is it the first digit is really important as we are learning the significance of writing numbers down in the correct order. This is reinforced through the language of ‘ten and how many more’.

Confidence recognizing and writing teen numbers has a huge impacts on your child’s ability to then use and compare these numbers when we explore different concepts in class.

Thanks for your continued support