Today, ten children from Year 6 were chosen to participate in a dodgeball tournament at the LeAF Studio in Bournemouth. This is the first time this competition has ever taken place and only two Weymouth schools participated. Both Weymouth schools travelled up together (Southill and Conifers) and we were ready and raring to go.

On arrival, we soon realised the size of the task in front of us. We would be facing schools who had over 300 pupils to choose from for just this event alone! Nevertheless, Southill love a challenge and we were reading and raring to go. Here is how we got on:

Southill 46 Winton Primary 1

Southill 82 Dumpton Dodgers 

Southill 28 Corpus Catholic Primary 

Southill 64 Kingsleigh Primary School 1


We did sensationally well to win two matches over the course of the day. The competition was fierce and Southill demonstrated sportsmanship and honesty throughout the competition. Unfortunately we missed out on the semi-finals by just one point as another team won two of their matches and drew one.

Winton Primary went on to win the entire competition and informed us that we were their toughest (and tightest) match. They blitzed the rest of the competition with their dodgeball prowess.

I would like to give a special mention to Oliver today. He was instrumental to our success in the tournament, successfully eliminating a number of opponents and catching on a number of occasions, resulting in some of his teammates re-entering the contest.

A huge thank you to Conifers who were great company on the coach up to Bournemouth and who also represented Weymouth will steely determination.

Well done, Southill!

Mr. Prior



2 comments on “1..2..3…DODGEBALL!

  1. I had so much fun doing this mr prior. Definitely if I was at Southill next year I would do it all again !

  2. Imogen Jones says:

    That was so fun.🙂Thank you Mr Prior for giving us the opportunity to play dodge ball.

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